Sunday, June 5, 2016

Art 2 Final Reflection Questions

Visual Arts 2 Final Exam

1. a. In this piece, I re-created Andy Warhol’s “Campbell's Soup Cans” painting. To incorporate the monster theme into the picture, I decided to have little monster arms coming out of the can from different angles. Also, I included holes in the can so that you could see a faint image of the monster’s eyes. The medium I used to do so was acrylic paint. This was my first time doing an actual painting with acrylic paint and it is something that i’ll probably never forget due to the struggles that came with using it. The most trouble I had with using paint was getting the lines to be thin enough so that the painting looked crisp. Another thing I had trouble with was adding depth to the top of the can. I learned that you paint with a darker shade of whatever color you are using to show the part of the image that is away from the light so that it shows depth. In the future, I will make sure to use a thinner paint brush so I can make the painting look cleaner.

b. This was an assignment given to the class where we had to fold a strand of paper and tape each end to an actual sheet of paper. After this, we analyzed where the light was shining on the paper and where it was darkest. Then it was our job to draw what we saw using a white colored pencil on a black sheet of paper. I struggled with making the picture look completely realistic but I also think I did well considering it was my first time. I learned that paying attention to wear the light shines is a very big deal in order to create a realistic image. In the future, I will always make sure to take an actual picture of what I am trying to draw so that I can find where the light source is.

2. In my opinion, my artistic strengths are being able to not give up when working on a certain project as well as taking constructive criticism and learning from my mistakes. I feel that if you can’t take criticism then there isn't much room for improvement for you. Some artistic weaknesses of mine are that I like to stay in my comfort zone with the mediums I use. I used to mainly just use pencil to sketch images but after taking this class I am more comfortable trying new things. As I move forward, in order to improve I will have to be more open to new things and techniques and I will also have to work on drawing obliques.

3. The reason why I don’t think this piece worked out the way I would've liked it to is because I have a lot of white open spots on the paper where I didn’t cross hatch. My main struggle was not being able to figure out how to make my lines thinner with the pen. I overcame it by facing the problem head on and just drawing the lines closer together towards the bottom to show depth. If I were to be given the same assignment again, I would make sure the whole picture is cross hatched and I wouldn't have blank white spaces.

4. In order to create this picture I used pencil and my sketchbook paper. It’s my favorite piece that I have done because I think I did a really great job making it look realistic and adding depth to the darker spots of the eye. If I had to determine what this piece says about me as an artist I would say that it says I am good at drawing and making images come to life on paper. I think it is better from the rest of the work that I have done because when I drew this, I was in a relaxed state. With other projects this year I had a deadline of when something needed to be finished. But when I drew this, I did it on my free time because I actually wanted to do it. What also makes it “good” is that I enjoyed making it and can definitely say that it showed me that I have a lot of potential in this area.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I chose to represent a figure that I found on Pinterest. I loved the idea of showing the side perspective of a face. I'm still working on it and plan to use more shading to bring it to life. I chose to use a pencil as my medium because I wanted to have the face lightly appear, not too dark. I found shading to be very successful. It brings volume to the picture. Next time I will do more shading.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Essential Questions Project

The word I chose to draw about was "fake". As I was brainstorming different ways I could display this in a drawing, I decided to draw a picture of lips. The medium that I used was charcoal. The glow in the lower lips reflects light being shown on them. The twist though would be that part of the lips are dripping, making them appear fake.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Story Art

The Lightbulb by Zari Wilson

One day there was a girl named Mia. She was given a lightbulb by her parents because that's all they could afford for her on her birthday. Not once did she complain because of the fact that she fell in love with how the world looked through a lightbulb. Everything seemed so small. It taught her that she can achieve anything she wants in life because the world is hers. She has it all in the palm of her hand. This picture is a sketch of what it looks like through her eyes when she holds the lightbulb up in her town.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Project 1: Self Directed

In this project I had originally drawn circles because I wanted to do a drawing of bubbles. But as I went along I thought it would be interesting to do something that looked like planets. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Mark

Many people come and go
But one thing remains
Their mark that they left on this earth

Whether it's how they made people feel
Or what they accomplished
Or even just an imprint of their shoes on earths soil
Every last person has made their mark in some way

What's yours?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Apex Material Scavenger Hunt

1.) Find 4 non-paper materials that you can create art on:
-dry-erase board
-tin can

2.) Find 4 types of paint and explain the difference:
-fluid acrylic

3.) Find 5 non-paint materials you could use to create a color artwork:
-colored pencils

4.) Find 5 non-paint materials you could use to make a black and white artwork:
-black and white colored pencil
-black marker

5.) Find 2 items you have no idea what they do and find out what they do:
-Conté: compressed powdered graphite or charcoal mixed with a wax or clay base.

-Tempera: fast-drying painting medium

6.) Find 5 of any other material not listed that you could use to make art:

Learning New Skills:



Principles of Art:


*The tutorial I chose to do was the technique tutorial. I didn't draw exactly what they did in the video but I took tips on how to shade and make the portraits look more realistic.